Personal Report- Organisational behavior

Assessment requirements.
Length & format: 6 pages double spaced, with a standard margin (2.5 cm), times new roman 12 point font. The marker will stop reading at 6 pages. The page count excludes the cover sheet, tables, figures and references. Please place all tables, figures and references at the end of the 6 pages. Include page numbers, and use section headings to assist your reader. Assignments need to be stapled (no folders or clear plastic sleeves), and have a School of Organisation and Management assignment cover sheet.
Referencing: Use the Harvard method, see Part B of the course outline for details.

Report Structure.
1. What is personality? (Approx. half page)
Describe how personality impacts behaviour at work and explain why it is important to understand. Apply knowledge from your assigned readings and at least one extra academic article.

2. Describe your Personal PROFILE. (Approx. 1 page)
Describe your Personal PROFILES, covering each facet. Compare and contrast which scores are high and low by making comparisons to (1) your own results (e.g., compare your conscientiousness to openness), and (2) the class norms (this is depicted in the graphs). By making these comparisons, justify the selection of two personality facets that you want to analyse in more detail (e.g., assertiveness and achievement striving).

3. Analyse two personality facets. (Approx. 2 pages)
Draw on your prior teamwork experiences (e.g., study teams, sports teams, workplace teams) to identify how these two personality facets impacted your behaviour in these teams (e.g. scoring 4.5 on assertiveness helps explain why you found it easy to communicate your ideas in the team despite the fact you were a new team member). At a minimum:
a. Identify one instance where you perceive your personality trait was a strength.
b. Identify one instance where the personality trait was an area that you wish to develop.
For each instance described, analyse how your personality traits impacted your behaviour (be specific utilising critical incidences). Apply knowledge from academic sources to support your arguments.

4. Write an action plan (Approx 2 pages)
Drawing on your insights from the above, outline an action plan for the above two personality facets you focused on. This action plan should focus on enhancing or restraining the impact of your personality on team functioning. The action plan must focus on CHANGING BEHAVIOURS. DO NOT ADVOCATE THAT YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR PERSONALITY (if you do, you will receive 0 marks for this section). For example, with the personality trait that was a strength, how will you make the most of this in the team, what behaviours will you engage in? And for the personality trait that you which to develop or restrain its impact on your study team, what will you do differently? More often than not, personality traits have both strengths and weakness; this would be an important tension to explore in the report if you are able to identify them.

The following list of questions will assist you to develop an action plan.
What is the goal I want to achieve?
Why is this important to me?
What specific actions will I undertake to achieve this goal?
What obstacles might I encounter (personal and from others)?
How can I overcome these obstacles?
What support can I use to help me achieve this goal?
What measure of success can I use to evaluate my process towards this goal?

Be sure to have an introduction and conclusion to your report (approx. half a page in total). These should be customised to your report summarising your main arguments.

Marking criteria will include:
Understanding of management theory and skills (all sections of report)
Analysis: Self-reflection of two personality facets
Analysis: logic and integration of evidence
Comprehensive and specific action planning on behaviours
Organisation and clarity of expression
Minimum of one academic journal reference not used in the course. Other sources may also be used.

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