Performance Management

1. Identify what is meant by good practice.
2. Analyse the groups involved and the concept of stakeholders.
3. Assess the role of accountability at local government and NGO level.
4. Evaluate how performance management is applied at the workplace.

Using one provider of public services, assess how it is performance managed. It should encompass how the service pays in regards to the following elements as it is performance managed:

How it applies performance management.
How it demonstrates accountability to local and national government.
Who are the groups and stakeholders interested in the accountability of the service?
Does it demonstrate what is meant by good practice?

The above has to be based around 1 specific public sector for example the the lancashire constabulary, fire service, the lancashire council and the ambulance service, the preferred 1 would be the lancashire council or the lancashire constabulary.

For the references please make sure you have the surname of the author followed by the date of publication citied within the text. Do not use number referencing, do not list references at the bottom of each page, list all references using the bibliography at the end of the document.

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