Perdisco MYOB practice set

Perdisco MYOB practice set – Purchase Price $33.85

NOTE 1: When you purchase the practice set, you have 48 hours in which to download MYOB and install it on your computer. If you miss the 48-hour deadline, email Perdisco when you are ready to install the program and they will re-set the link for you.

NOTE 2: MYOB requires a Microsoft Windows operating system. Do not purchase a Microsoft Windows operating system to run on your Mac just for this assignment. MYOB software has been installed on 30 computers in the main library: level 2, along the far wall (ML-01 to ML-20), and level 3 (ML3-01 to ML3-10).

In addition to learning the manual processes of transaction processing and reporting in this subject, students will gain experience with a computerised accounting package. Revision seminars from weeks 6 to 10 will include instruction on the use of the accounting package, MYOB, and/or opportunities for students to ask questions about its use.

Please note the following:

Students are required to purchase and complete an online MYOB practice set that will count towards the overall assessment mark for this unit. The practice set has been designed to provide students with experience in the practical and technical skills essential to accounting with the MYOB Accounting Plus software, through the completion of a one month accounting cycle for a fictional business.

The practice set will provide each student with a unique accounting scenario and therefore must be completed on an individual basis. Please note that it is a large activity, taking up to 20 study hours to complete over many days or weeks. Please ensure you leave yourself enough time to complete this activity before its submission deadline. Submission is to be completed online; however it is possible to print each page of the practice set to work on it offline. Once each page has been submitted, you will be provided with immediate feedback on your performance.

The online practice set is available from within your Perdisco account. To purchase the practice set, please:

Create an account at
Once registered, click �€�Add a product to my account
Select your course code, campus and study period from the available options
Click on �€�How do I pay? for the payment options available.

Payment can be made by online credit card, BPAY or PayPal. Please allow up to 5 working days for BPAY payments to be processed.

When you login to your practice set, you will see a Student Companion and Helpful Hints document on your practice set home page. Please read this document because it gives you information that will help you to successfully complete the practice set.

Please be aware that to complete this practice set, you will also need access to the “MYOB Accounting Plus Version 18”. After you have purchased the practice set, you will receive an immediate email that explains how to download and install the software (you do not need to purchase the MYOB Accounting Plus Version 18 separately).

As you work through the practice set, you will also notice that you have links to the MYOB Learning Centre. This online resource provides you with support on using MYOB and so you are strongly encouraged to refer to it as you complete your practice set.

I have already bought it. This is the link to download it.

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