Past,Current and Future of South Korean Cinema

. As the final assignment, you should write an original research paper.

• Topic: open topic
• Length: 5 to 7 page long
• References: at least TWO ACADEMIC articles/books should be included. (Non-academic internet sources will be considered the count of the references.)
Your papers should:
• Be creative and imaginative.
• Be well-structured and argued.
• Be compact and concise.
• Be proofread. Go through several drafts. Nothing comes out right the first time.
• Try to avoid using lengthy quotations. Instead use your own words. Papers without proper citations/references will not be accepted.

Useful link
• Korean Movie Database (KMDB)
o In Korean:
o In English:
• Korean Film Council (KOFIC)
o In English:
o In Korean:
• (in English only):

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