Paper review

Paper assigned is:

“Nurture Affects Gender Differences in Spatial Abilities,” Moshe Hoffman, Uri Gneezy and John A. List, Proceedings
of the National Academy of Sciences (Sept. 6, 2011)

Assignment criteria:

I. REVIEW [1.5 pages]
Prepare a concise review of the assigned paper, not exceeding 1.5 typewritten pages (font size 12 and 1.5 spacing). It should have approximately 8001000 words. In terms of review structure, try to answer the following questions:

What issue/problem are the authors of the paper addressing? Quote a sentence (or longer passage) from the text
that you think is central to the author’s (or authors’) implicit or explicit argument(s). Cite the page on which it

Why is it important? What are the implications? In a few sentences, state the author’s explicit or implicit
argument. Be sure to include both: what the author is arguing for, and what s/he is arguing against.

What method(s) did the authors use to build support for their argument, e.g., how were the data collected, how
were they analyzed and to what effect (e.g., what practical evidence was created either for or against the original

What are the key conclusions and their implications? Suggest what the conclusions drawn by the authors imply for
understanding or improving society, relations between individuals, groups or technology.

Raise a question which you think is not fully, or satisfactorily, answered by the text. The question should be a
question of interpretation or of inquiry, not simply a question of fact.

Say, in a few lines only, how the paper confirms or contradicts your own experience or common sense.


Provide the full bibliographic details of the reviewed paper, using the following format (also called Harvard style):
[1] Author(s), Publication/Book title, Journal/Publisher, Year (and page numbers if it is a technical paper)

[2] Website XYZ viewed on a particular date DDMMYY

Explain the procedure by which you have retrieves the full copy of the paper (e.g., copy from the library collection, online database, etc..). Also provide the access timestamp (date).

REFERENCES [0.5 pages]

If you refer to other publications (books, papers, etc.), reference them here. Follow the same Harvard style referenceing as before. Commonly used general rules of citing sources and references can be found at the following website

** Please upload the original papers too.

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