Seminar on Packaging,

We are 4 students and we would like to have about 7 slides, each which make a total 28 slide Presentation that should last 40 minutes. The presentation needs to provide 4 ideas for each one of us to present i.e. the Packaging

The attached is the seminar briefing and the marking criteria, which needs to be address and outlined in the seminar. It would be desirable to include a small video clip of You tube or Google video in the presentation to have a visual effect on the audience. (and write some explanation about it ) it is better to put more then one as compare between good and bad Packaging.

The seminar should have presentation notes to help the presenter to present an effective presentation; these notes need to be writing in extremely simplified language, crisp and precise. We would like including some of the books mentioned in the reading list provided in the presentation briefing. The presentation needs to be properly referenced in the Harvard style of referencing.

We need one slide for Agenda of what we are going to talk about.

The slide lack pictures where it s important to grab attention,
we need the notes inside our presentation beneath each slide where we have to talk about it; there is a place for notes beneath each slide. Not in a separate file.

Also there has to be a reference beneath each picture of graph we had in our presentation.

We need some activities on the presentation (general questions about topic we present I prefer them to be True and Fuels)
Can you include facts and numbers or statistics.

I will attach you a presentation on POWER POINT as an example for I am looking for, to give clear idea about how it should be.

(My work has to be on POWER POINT)


Feel free to ask about any thing.

Many thanks.

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