Own experiences with creativity and invention from childhood

describe some of your own experiences with creativity and invention from childhood to today. The parameters of the paper are quite open; however, you must include both of the following in your discussion:
1) Include in your paper your definition of creativity. You may refer to definitions of creativity we have discussed and read about in class in developing your definition.
2) Refer to at least two concepts that come from the readings (through Unit 3). You may show either the relevance to your life and conceptions of creativity or their inapplicability.
A strong paper will be well organized, thoughtful, go beyond simple description to self-analysis, make effective use of the course readings, and will develop one or more overarching theme(s) or pathway(s).
The following questions and ideas may help you to think about your approach (but you are not required to specifically address any the listed items below):
* What makes you creative? In what ways do you demonstrate creativity?
* Does your own creativity occur under specific circumstances (time, place, space, people, activity), or is it diffused?
* What leads you to recognize creativity in others?
* What experiences have you had that encouraged or discourage your creative capacities?

* Can you remember having experienced peak moments of creativity? Everyday creativity? Flow?

* What has been the impact of institutions, schools, employers, family, friendships on your creativity?

* Does your current work life or future career field include potential for creative expression?
* What is the impact of technology on your creativity/productivity/capacity for innovation?
* Have you experienced creativity in negative and/or positive directions? Is there a dark side to creativity?
* Do you agree or disagree with the idea that defying the crowd (Niu & Sternberg) is valued in the US? In your workplace experiences? In educational institutions? Etc.
* What is the importance of role models for children in developing their creativity?
* Has a period of boredom, inactivity, illness, ever led to an increase in your creative activity?
* Have you ever had to sacrifice something to pursue a creative drive?
* Has anyone in your life supported or encouraged your creative expression?
* What are the rewards and risks entailed in pursuing creative activity?

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