overview of an author’s writing career, synthesizing information.

This paper should contain three parts. And it’s about an author, his name is Langston Hughes.

The first part is write two-pages providing an overview of Langston Hughes writing career, synthesizing information from at least three sources on the database of Daytona State College. The purpose of this sketch is to offer concise, but thorough idea of the importance of this author’s work. try to wave the source throughout the paper, don’t dump source #1 into paragraph #1, source #2 into paragraph 2, and so forth. Let the bits of information you gather complement each other.
Some of the ideas that my professor want as if you can write about how he became an author/what inspired him/what works he has written(don’t just list)/what common themes in his works. If he is interested in conveying a certain message. Is he political in any way? Controversial? are there details in his background that always come through in his work? What do critics or scholars say about him.

The second part i have chosen one of his poem and i already sent a thesis statement because i had to do it before. and the poem is called I, too and what you have to do in part 2 is write a short critical analysis(three pages) on the I, too poem that Langston wrote. don’t just summarize. and don’t analyze the in tire poem. and don’t just write about what the poem means. focus on just one or two key aspects of the poem. what can you say about the tone? or about the imagery? Conflict? Character development? Setting? Diction? Morality? Message? i don’t want outside source for this section of the paper. All ideas come from you for this part.
(The thesis statement i have chosen is: In the time when Langston write this poem that African American were not accepted in the USA by the white people, African American were discriminated against, punished, and killed violently. The author makes an imagery connection between the racism and patriotism.)

the third part is the work sited source. this one will cite the source for part 1 plus will also cite the main text that you critically analyze for part 2 witch is the poem called I, Too. by Langston

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