Organizational Behavior custom essay

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Term Paper:
Depending on the number of participants in the class, small groups of 3 students will produce a research paper. The groups will conduct research on a topic related to contemporary management issues. The research topic is to be approved by the professor before the end of the second week.

The paper should be fifteen (15) pages minimum or more of research findings, typed and double-spaced. All references must be cited in a bibliography and in the paper.

The paper will be graded based on its substantive content as it relates to contemporary management issues, evidence of reading and research, style and grammar.

Research Topic Ideas:
• Productivity and Quality Enhancing Programs
• Motivation and Reward Systems used in today’s companies
• Reengineering and Business Process Redesign
• Employee Benefit and Education Programs
• Employee Performance and Evaluation Systems
• Violence in the Workplace
• Managing a Diverse Workforce
• Crime and Security Issues in Corporate America
• Corporate Governance and Responsibilities to Stakeholders
• Participative Management Programs
• Total Quality Management and Quality Circles

• Other: Topic of choice but prior approval from professor

Research papers will include the following elements:
1. The paper will use 5-10 references that are published books, peer-reviewed journal articles, and/or peer-reviewed journal articles found on the Internet. Not appropriate for these sources are newspaper articles, articles from popular magazines, interviews, or non-referred Internet sources. There may be additional sources exclusive of the 15 which fall in other categories.
2. Follow these directions exactly:
a. Page 1—title page (no page number)
b. Page 2—abstract (no page number)
c. Page 3—table of contents (no page number)
d. Page 4—introduction to paper (page number 1)
3. The paper will have 5 sections:
a. Introduction—outlines purpose of the paper and present hypothesis of paper.
b. Literature Review—reviews the theories, theorists, models, or principles that are connected to the topic of the paper.
c. Analyses—compare and contrast of the theories, principles, or models that are presented in Literature Review.
d. Conclusion—relevant information to serve as a conclusion of the paper

Reference List—only those articles sited in the paper are to be listed.

The important part of this assignment is presentation (abstract of the research topic) .

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