Organizational Behavior, Culture and Operations

In the Assessment choose an international bussiness which should relatively have a continuous changing culture, products, services, activities. it should have:

1. State the mission and identify the SWOT for the choosen business.
2. How do you think the interent and advanced technology have changed both organizational operations and culture at this business ? for example, is there new technology that could significantly after the work process? explain.
3. Does this business has a strong or weak organizational culture? how can you tell? explain your answer.
4. In your own words, what does the idea of ” creating the future of the choosen business” mean to you? how can you put this concept to good use? again, generate some specific ideas that you can really use.
5. Finally, choose some specific types of changes you would like to see happen in business or organizations ( ingeneral), imagine that you were trying to bring about these changes. What sources of resistance you should anticipate? How would you manage the resistance?

(IF YOU CAN CHOOSE THE ” Barcyles Bank ” it would be nice or if you can not , then you can choose any other international business.)


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