Organisational Transformation in Practice

This is an assignment where you have to choose ONE question out of seven. I have chosen question TWO for you to write but if you don’t like it and you prefer to do question ONE which is very interesting, you can do so. but don’t forget you can only choose one question.
I have highlighted the question TWO which is “evaluate and reflect upon a personal experience of change in your workplace” in this situation the workplace is a student in the university. just imagine you are a good student in the university and make up a story.

I have attached the question and guidance to make things very clear and easier for you.

you have to use at least 10 theories. e.g. Bowlby – Attachment theory.
i am going to attach some articles which are very important to mention some of their authors or names to show that you have done some reading other than books and websites. the way you use some articles are for example: (This can be supported by….)

to get a higher mark .. Talk about the future and what are the challenges and how you can deal with them. for example: i am not a good leader how can i be better leader in the future) this is only an example.

ANSWER ONLY ONE QUESTION OUT OF SEVEN (either Q1 or Q2) you pick which one you prefer or easier for you. and remember when you answer it think of a student and reflect upon yourself as if you are a student in the university.

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