Organisational Behaviour and People Management

The relationship of structure to organisation can be divided into vertical direction and horizontal direction. The vertical structure is dominated at the region of control, efficiency, stability, and reliability while horizontal structure is more concentrate on coordinate, learning, change, innovation, and flexibility (“Fundamentals of organisation,” ). Functional structure has the highest ratio of vertical structure /horizontal structure. Thus, I believe functional structure have better efficiency in some extent compare to other organisational structures.

From this week reading materials, there have different steps and actions can be taken to increase efficiency and effective of the organisational structure. Those steps and actions embrace span, layer of management, self-managing work team, understanding stakeholders, organisational culture, leadership effectiveness, and appropriate management process and procedure (Velagapudi, 2011, Meredith & Mantel, & Mantel, 2009, Oyewobi, Ibrahim, Ganiyu, & Okwori, 2011, Dinsmoew & Cabanis-Brewin, 2005, Stanford, 2007 and “Optimize your organisational,” 2009)

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