Organic food custom essay

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its a group report and my part is D .. i need you to do PART D only
its for organic food

the company is Woolworth .. and the product is Mini Macro Meats 

What market, company and product do I choose for the assignment?
Assume you are the new marketing manager of a ‘real-world’ company that operates in Australia that markets an organic food – you are allowed to choose ONE of the following: (1) dairy products; (2) ready meals – chilled or frozen; (3) cakes and biscuits; (4) baby and children’s food; (5) fruit juice; (6) wine.
Can I choose any company?
Choose a company that operates in Australia for which you can gain information fairly easily. If you choose an international company, then you must investigate its Australian operations only.
Is this a group or individual assignment? Am I expected to contribute to every aspect of the report?
The assessment hasindividual (15%) as well as group components (10%). Following are the details:

PART-A (4 pages) by Team Member-1:
Discuss the macro environmentalforces impacting the company’s environment, including risks to the organic industry, and their impact on marketing initiatives for the chosen product of the company. You must show evidence of secondary research for this part.

PART-B (4 pages) by Team Member-2:
(1) Discuss the situational, group and individual factors that influence the consumption of the brand; and (2) Describe the demographic, psychographic and behavioural characteristics of the target market. You must show evidence of secondary research for this part.

PART-C (4 pages) by Team Member-3:
(1) How does the company want its product and its associated brand to be perceived by its target market, with respect to competition? Include a positioning statement; (2) How does the target market perceive the selected company’s product and its associated brand, with respect to competition? (3) Draw positioning and perceptual maps for the target market. You must show evidence of primary in addition to secondary research for this part.

PART-D (4 pages) by ALL members of the team:
(1) Explain the various communication tools that the company has used in communicating the desired position to target market. (2) Describe at least one communication campaign (e.g., TV ad, PR campaign, sales promotion campaign), and based on the campaign, evaluate if the company has effectively communicated the desired position. You must show evidence of secondary research for this part.

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