Oracle Database home work

Database Design Concepts, I have up loaded it “The_Unique_Shoes_Shop” with it ER_diagram that I have drown it in visio 2010 document. There are few mistakes in this project I got 84% in it. What I want you to do is, first of all read it carefully and focus on the ER_diagram. Next try to correct the mistakes in the ER_diagram because you have to use the correct PK and FK in the Oracle Database 10g Express Edition program whe you will create the tables. Then you have to solve my home work which contain 6 questions by using the Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (I Have up loaded the questions). For each answer that you will type it in the Orcle you have to copy it and paste it in NotePad sheet I will up load example for that to now where you have to paste the answers.

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