Opening a liquor store called “Love Spirits”

Term Project (on a opening your own store):
You will submit a 3 to 5 page term paper (approx. 750 words) on opening a brand new store from scratch. As you read the chapters in the textbook, make notes to yourself as to how each section will pertain to your specific store. Pick a product or product line to sell, a location, establish a pricing and promotional policy. Include in your paper why the you chose to open this type of store. Why do you believe this store will succeed, especially if others have failed? What will make your store different from its competitors: will it be any particular element of strategy – such as the products carried or the services provided, promotional activities, distribution, or pricing? Who will be your target market? Be specific on target market, include rationale. Where will you locate the store in metropolitan Syracuse area? Be specific on your location, include a rational. If you are not in the Syracuse area, please discuss with me your location. How close is your competition? What type and how many employees will you need? Submit a store layout with all the fixtures and equipment you will use; include the hours you plan to have the store open. Include some of your promotions – advertisements, sales promotion ideas. Include in your discussion what type of merchandise will be carried and discuss how your product line will be different from your competitors. I want you to tell me why you will be a success.

Double space, use 1 inch default margins and submit the paper electronically in this course. Please use only 12-point type.

My book is Retailing Management 8th edition

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