Online Marketing

Project Instructions

You will work in pairs to complete this project and have four days in which to complete it.

You need to:

 Research and read some background into online marketing.

 Research and describe what online marketing is.

 Research and describe the key components of online marketing.

 Describe using examples, how online marketing can fit and be integrated into the marketing mix.

 Describe in some detail how the online marketing components can be utilised to the benefit for a chosen organisation.

You must:

 Provide definitions in your own words utilising a number of resources.

 Provide examples wherever possible.

 You must reference correctly and marks will be awarded for students who try to explain using their own words rather than quoting.

 You need to produce work at a high level to represent your current standing within your program of study.

Your ability to work independently and to a deadline will dictate the length of this piece of work BUT all the above tasks must be completed.

Course text
Numerous web resources are available (e.g. search introduction to online marketing)


This project is worth 20% of your final mark for EBMG N217. NB in cases where there is no evidence that the criteria has been met, zero will be awarded.

Submission Guidelines

You are required to submit this report via the SafeAssign drop box before Midnight Wednesday 18th January. You will lose 10% for each day this is late; and an automatic D grade will be given if this is not submitted 7pm Thursday 18th January.

The SafeAssign dropbox is located on your BbVista course website. If you do have problems accessing SafeAssign you may also submit via the course BbVista and your instructors email to achieve the deadline.

Any extension will only be given prior to the submission deadline.
Assessment Criteria:

Criteria 6.5 7.5 8.5 10
Online Marketing is clearly defined using a number of resources.
A minimum of 5 key components of online marketing are described in a logical and coherent fashion.
All marketing mix elements, in conjunction with the components, evaluated and examples included.
An appropriate organisation is chosen and appropriate components and examples included in a logical manner.
There is a clear link between opinion and supporting evidence/examples at all stages of the report.
The report is professionally presented (e.g. few errors, appropriate formatting, clear headings and sub-headings).
There is clear evidence that all work submitted has been synthesised and presented in the students own words. Direct quotes from texts are clearly identified.
A range of appropriate resources have been utilised.
The bibliography is laid out as specified in the AAM library conventions and is error-free.
Deadlines are met.

HCT Grading System

Effective from Semester1 2008, the A+ grade is eliminated. The range of marks which previously belonged to the A+ grade is given to the A grade, as follows:
Range Grade Points Explanation of Codes
A 90 “ 100 4 Achievement that is outstanding relative to the course and GPA requirements
A- 85 – 89 3.7
B+ 80 “ 84 3.3 Achievement that is significantly above the course and GPA requirements
B 75 – 79 3
C+ 70 “ 74 2.3 Achievement that satisfactorily meets the course and GPA requirements
C 65 “ 69 2
D 60 “ 64 1 Achievement that minimally meets the course requirements but may not meet the GPA requirement
F 0 – 59 0 Achievement that does not meet requirements for course with normal grading mode.
P Pass 0 Achievement that meets the course requirements, in courses graded pass/fail, but is not computed in the GPA.
FL Fail 0 Achievement that does not meet requirement

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