Online Collaboration

In 2500 words you are asked to write and essay in response to the question:

Choose two of the examples from Module 2. How does their respective form of online collaboration and organisation similar and how is it divergent. You should also choose one or more of the theories of online collaboration and organisation explored in the course. How do your two chosen examples fit within this theoretical framework? How do they diverge?

These are the two examples:

Panisson, A. (2011) ‘The Egyptian Revolution on Twitter’

Arazy, Ofer, Morgan, Wayne and Patterson, Raymond, Wisdom of the Crowds: Decentralized Knowledge Construction in Wikipedia (December 8, 2006). 16th Annual Workshop on Information Technologies & Systems (WITS) Paper.

Module 2: Organisation, Movements and Crowds


This module looks at different examples on online collaboration and organisation. While there is a reading linked to each examples, it is expected that the range of information on each topic will be expanded on by you as a group in Assignment 1 . This information can then be used as part of your research for your main research essay in Assignment 2 .

Our examples for Organisations look at how people make use of online collaboration and organisation within the setting of a formal organisation.

Our examples for Movements look at how people make use of online collaboration and organisation within a less formal setting where there is a shared sense of objective or objectives, but there is not necessarily any formal connection between different participants.

Finally our examples for Crowds look at how people make use of online collaboration and organisation when there is no obvious connection between any of the participants – where strangers are collaborating with strangers.

A number of the examples selected could fit into other categories, so this is a pretty arbitrary selection. Remember with each example the focus is on the aspects of collaboration and organisation. While it is interesting to get into a debate about the ethics of Anonymous or the role that ICANN plays in Internet governance (and both are interesting things to discuss!) the focus here is on how the different examples use the Internet to organise and collaborate.

There is no need to follow these three sets of examples chronologically, rather look through the different examples fairly briefly in the first week of this module and then choose your topic for Assignment 1, once you have selected your additional research material you will need to make comments on other peoples articles and explore the other topics in this module. So working through the material in this module will occur at a different pace for each person. However you should use the blackboard discussion forum to comment on each example as you come to it. Please read through assignment 1 carefully as there are two separate deadlines to be met during this Module. While you are free to follow your different interests we will be focusing on each of the three streams on different weeks as outlined in your unit timeline .




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