On Realism and Surrealism

Your answers should reflect the concepts discussed in class, make use of citations from the readings, and demonstrate an engaged reading of the films we watched. Feel free to reference additional assigned readings and /or add contemporary art or film examples.
On Realism and Surrealism:
Compare and contrast the critical models espoused by Georg LuKacs and Andre Breton. How does each envision the relationship between art practice and political or revolutionary aims? On the one hand, why would Lukacs and the communists call Breton an ?elitist?? On the other hand, what is Breton?s counter-opinion of realism. What role does ?shock? and madness play in surrealism? [You might also consider Bataille?s more radical notion of surrealism, instanced by the ideas of case materialism and the formless, to upset or putrify all differences and oppositions maintained by realism]. How do Lukas and Breton thus fundamentally disagree on the role that ?reality? and ?dreams? should play in a revolutionary art? Employ the concepts of displacement and condensation to elaborate on the Surrealist ?s application of Freud?s Dreamwork in their artistic strategies. Use ?salt of the Earth,? as an example of Socialist Realism, and Bunuel?s ?Un Chien Andalou? and/or ?Land without Bread? as an example of Surrealism. Discuss also the FSA project as an instance of American socialist realism and Man Ray and Duchamp for surrealism.

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