Nursing; Guided Neighbourhood Study

3. Debate contemporary political and social influences within different care settings.
5. Examine the roles of the patient, the carer and the professional in contributing to care management across a variety of settings.
6. Demonstrate the ability to access evidence from a variety of sources to provide a rationale for decision making in nursing care.

The third part of the assessment involves completing an academic essay which follows on from both your neighbourhood study and your presentation.

Explore and analyse the role of the adult nurse in an interprofessional context in the health promotion and prevention of disease (focussing on alcohol misuse). Examine contemporary political and social influences that impact on their health.
Some considerations when writing this discussion include:

? What are the individual roles of the patient, the carer and the healthcare professional in disease prevention?
? Consider the multiple roles of the nurse within the inter-professional team
? Compare and contrast aspects of disease prevention, approaches, strategies and resources
? Consider how NHS/government healthcare policies shape these similarities and differences
? Evaluate how local health organisations/PCTs shape contemporary healthcare policies
? What are the difficulties and barriers in delivering initiatives, programmes and policies for the professionals, patient and carer?

NB: This paper is neither a case study nor a biological/pathophysiological paper so avoid going off on these tangents.

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