(No Time Waster) Based on MP3 Audio file (approx. 7-80 mins), two tasks for the re constructing simple draft and meeting diary.

1. Making new draft (Simple, clear and crisp poin- bullet points for sub questions and literature bodies are fine)

Please think about a rationale, which is below point 1 and concise it in about 3-400 words with hard evidence (references) if you can find and forget about character education etc. Please listen to the MP3 file before you start very carefuly.

I have also made the key question and one sub question (please see the other attachment), so please think about another 3-5 sub questions related to this key question (please listen to the MP3 file very carefully, because Professor has explained all very cleary)

And also you MUST think about the 4-5 Literature Bodies (these also cleary explained in the MP3 file)

All above point that I have just mentioned were failed (you will hear in the attached MP3 file) with my old draft, so, the purpose of this points is you listen to the MP3 file very carefully and do your work on points that I failed to meet the professor s criteria (forget about character education etc).

If you are not so sure, please let me know ASAP.

2. Tutorial Diary: Please check and see the other attached file. Again, you must listen to the MP3 file very carefully and make simple notes. Example file is attached. It does not have to be too detailed, but make some key points of this meeting.

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