NEWTON’S FIRST LAW; Does The Report Meet The Rules Above

1. Online reports are your opportunity to do research outside of class. You will find real-world examples of the concepts from class and explain them.
2. Rules for online reports:
1) Minimum of 10 sentences of your own writing
2) Maximum of 20 sentences of your own writing
3) Must be submitted as an attached file (.doc, .pdf, .odf). You may include links to youtube videos, wikipedia pages, etc.
3.Online reports will be graded on:
1) Does the report meet the rules above?
2) Accuracy — no incorrect statements
3) How well does it relate to the topic?
4) How much outside-of-class information does it contain?
5) Presentation — an image, diagram, video, or website can be helpful
6) Spelling and grammar

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