new product idea ( complete task 3 )

The Board of Global Ventures Plc have asked you to choose one country which you think fulfils all (or most) of the criteria in your analysis in Task 2 and produce a report entitled Doing Business In (insert country of your choice) .

The report should be of 2,000 words (excluding appendices) and have the following sections:
Title Page
Terms of Reference: this is a kind of introduction. It should reiterate what the product or service is, & reiterate the essential & desirable characteristics you identified in task 2 to help you with your choice of country
Choice and justification of an overseas country to operate in. This should be consistent with your analysis from Task Two, and should emphasise the most important characteristics the company is seeking and show how the country of your choice fulfils the business needs. You should consider factors in both the macro and micro environments in the context of your chosen country that are relevant to the industry/product/service you have elected to analyse.

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