New areas of application given TRIZ thinking custom essay

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This is my assignment. following this i have attached my previous two related assingments that i needed to cover that you can use for your persual for completing this one.

“Return to your initial paper now that you have a better working knowledge of TRIZ. What perspectives have changed?

Think about your specific field and your specific interests within it as they relate to this course and topic. Write a five to seven page paper identifying possible new areas of research in your field or possible new areas of application given TRIZ thinking. Use this paper to close out your thoughts as well as push your thinking concerning this topic. Further, select one “law of evolution” from the textbook and analyze it within the context of your new research suggestion above. Push the solution into the theoretical realm. Think outside the box.

This is a reflective paper, use APA references if you are talking about the works of others, but the goal of the paper is to get your thoughts down not quote or paraphrase other authors.
I would like to see a minimum of five pages (250 words per page, 1,250 words total). Meeting the minimum content will yield a grade between 75 and 95 as a rule of thumb. Other factors such as grammar, APA formatting, and the quality of the content will also impact your score.”

Assignment # 1 was:

“Read chapters 1 & 2 in the Fey & Rivin book. Do not worry about the overly technical appearance of some of the material; this is not an engineering course, just focus on the basic concepts. Review the power point for this module before and after you read the chapters. Write a ten to fifteen page paper that summarizes the concepts and ‘laws of evolution’ in your own words. Think about and give an example of something that evolved using each of the laws. Use the examples on each of the slides to get your thoughts started (but obviously do not use those examples in your paper, this should be your original thinking!) Lean on the power point to gain clarity. TRIZ is sometimes a difficult topic to gain initial understanding of, but once you start seeing things in this light many solutions start to present themselves without a lot of formal analysis. Be sure to spend some time in your paper clearly identifying the concept of the “Ideal Final Result”. ” i have a power point with the info on the course as well as the textbook thats required for this course as well that needs to be used for a reference as well.

Assignment # 2 was:

Review the remainder of the Fey Rivin book, and review the module #2 power points. Again, use the power points to help you gain clarity on the list of 40 principles. Go to the website and experiment selecting a feature you want to improve and a feature you do not want to worsen (use the Interactive TRIZ Contradiction Matrix on the right side of the main page). Write a ten to fifteen page paper, select two different problems from your own experiences. Describe both problems, the improving principle and the principle that you do not want to worsen. Identify what the contradiction matrix identified as suggested principles, and describe each of the principles and if you think they helped guide you to a good possible answer to resolving the contradiction. What could that solution look like? Be sure to identify the Tool-Action-Object model in your analysis. Have fun with this and think outside the box!“


I have also attached powerpoint for both assignments as well as the textbook that was used to complete both assignments for this course.

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