Neural Diseases – Potential Treatment With Stem Cells

The description of the essay is as follows:
For the assignment, it is to be an essay/lit review (not an annotated bibliography).
So I would plan it out like the following:

If I was doing wound healing and fibrosis and the role of hypoxia signalling (for example), I would do it like:

the phases of wound healing (tissue repair), cells that are involved, growth factors that are involved examples of pathological repair (fibrosis and scarring) – in various organs, liver, lung, kidney what is hypoxia signalling and how does it regulate different cell types that are important in healing what has been shown in experiments in mice lacking normal hypoxia signalling anything known about the role of hypoxia in pathological conditions like fibrosis (renal disease for example).

Cite references for statements that are not obvious. For some things you could cite a review – for example

Wound healing is a basic physiological response to injury that involves inflammation, angiogenesis, manufacture of new extracellular matrix and closure of the epithelial defect (for review see Clark, 1996).

The hypoxia pathway consists of the transcription factor HIF-1 which is ubiquitinated under normoxic conditions but stabilised in hypoxia. It regulates expression of many hypoxia-sensitive genes such as erythropoietin and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) (Pouyssegur, 2001). etc. etc.

You should have 15-20 references (in Vancouver style) and write a 1200-1500 word assignment.

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