Navigators of The Contemporary by David A. Wrestbrook custom essay

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In composing your paper keep as close as possible to the material in the three texts. Support you insights with quotes from the texts. Do not speculate!
For citation purposes all you need is author and page number (like Wrestbrook: 100) (no bibliography part needed) What you need to do on that paper is:
1. Discuss the operation of Ethnography of the Present Situation (EPS) around the activities of negotiation, evocation, attention, analysis, synthesis, and expression.
2. Discuss a selection of 3 to 5 issues drawn form parts 3 & 4 of the text that illustrate why ethnography matters.
No outside sources is necessary, just this :Navigators of The Contemporary by David A. Wrestbrook (The University of Chicago Press). Support your arguements with quotes (paraphrase or direct) from the book as much as you can. No introduction or conclusion paragraph is necessary (just jump into the topic and answer the questions 4 pages in detail). Finding the book is in your responsibility as customer service says. No extra space between paragraphs. I’m highly strict about the punctuality so please be on time and please give me full 4 pages (nothing less than that).

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