Natural Food (NF) Limited is considering

Natural Food (NF) Limited is considering setting up a new farm. It is expected that the farm will generate annual after-tax net cash flows of $8,400,000 in perpetuity with an initial outlay of $30,000,000. Currently, the corporate tax rate is 16% and NF is financed as with the following:? Retained earnings of $15,000,000? 1,000,000 ordinary shares with par value of $1, currently trading at $15 each. Dividend for last year was $0.8 with an annual dividend growth rate of 2%? 50,000 shares of 6% preferred stock (with a $100 par value), now selling for $250 per share? 40,000 8.5% 10-year coupon bonds with par value of $2,000 and currently trading at 102% of par. Coupons are payable semi-annually? Long-term bank loan of $45,000,000 at 4%.Required:a Weighted average cost of capital calculation is based on certain assumptions. Please comment on any two assumptions in detail. (6 marks)b Evaluate the weighted average cost of capital of NF. (Hint: Try to show all calculation steps clearly.) (26 marks)

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