Native-American, African-American and other culturally diverse groups of writers

Native-American, African-American and other culturally diverse groups of writersacquire background knowledge regarding the contributions of Native-American, African-American and other culturally diverse groups of writers to the national life and culture.(literary analysis project)Paper instructions:The Literary Analysis Project takes your reading and analysis to another level and is worth 200 points. As well, you must have your essay reviewed by a GPC tutor on campus or online via Smarthinking,??.and submit the tutor review for an additional 50 points. See the Dropbox folder for more specifics. I?m also happy to provide guidance and feedback on outlines and drafts.The primary goal of this assignment is to demonstrate mastery of literary analysis skills as specified in the Expected Educational Results for the course (see the first page of the syllabus module).??.Choose one of our Course Themes and explore that theme in the work of 3-4 authors that we?ve read, supporting your points with additional research from 5 outside sources. Note that the writers you choose do not necessarily have to agree with the theme; they might provide a completely different perspective on it.The level of analysis and insight depends on the authors and theme you choose. Don?t, for example, choose four Puritan writers to explore the course theme of religion, as that would be rather obvious and not particularly insightful. Choose authors from across our period of study, not just from one Unit.??.Author biographies or summaries of the literature are not appropriate topics for this assignment because you would only be repeating material, and not synthesizing new ideas from the research, readings, and course notes. This project emphasizes analysis and critical thinking. Your completed essay should be around 3-4 pages, not including the Works Cited.??.Because this is a research essay, you must properly paraphrase and/or quote all of your source material; cite your work within the project as needed; and provide a complete Works Cited page. You need to use scholarly, academic sources in addition to the course materials and textbook readings. Wikipedia, SparksNotes, and so on are not considered academic sources, although you may certainly consult these sources early in the process as you?re forming ideas. At least two of your sources must come from GALILEO, including ebooks, or from print materials. The rest can come from general websites (see caveat above).??.

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