National Health Issue Paper ( BREAST CANCER) : Research and prepare a National Health Issue Paper.

National Health Issue Paper ( BREAST CANCER) : Research and prepare a National Health Issue Paper.??.????????????.Name of the issue: BREAST CANCER? Reason for choosing this issue ???.? Culture will be examined and compared and contrasted to the United States culture!!?minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed reference.Paper should not exceed six (6) pages, including reference, and should be written and formatted according to the National Health Issue Paper Grading Rubric.REFLECTION PAPER RUBRIC:??.1- Writing: wide variety of sentence structure; excellent word usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.2- Adherence to Guidelines: thorough and accurate adherence to guidelines; responds to all guidelines; include all mandatory elements.3- Critical Thinking: analysis well developed, apply own judgments and understanding, effectively supported, clearly demonstrates new insights and understanding??.4- Comparison: comparison of health change behavior with US population is exhaustive, well researched and provide multiple examples.5- Organization: clearly organized around a central theme; each section is clear and relates to others.6- Proofreading: thorough and accurate review of spelling, grammar, punctuation and citations.7- Citations: thorough and accurate evidence of sources to support text; citations complete, correct and correctly placed in text.??.

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