NasawINTRODUCTION1. what you are trying

NasawINTRODUCTION1. what you are trying to proof?i. How Nasaw uses the sources ( appropriately or inappropriately?)ii.Where does He use themPointsa)Describing your sources..b)How Nasaw Uses the Sources.( appropriately or inappropriately?)c)Where? When.Paragraph one (5-6 Sentences) ..Paragraph two (5-6 Sentences).Paragraph Three(5-6 Sentences).CONCLUSIONLast Sentences of the above paragraphs should be joined to be the conclusion of this essay.REFERENCESmake your citations clearly the sources that you analysed to write this essayWE ARE GOOD TO GO2013-11-22 06:50:34 by YouDear writer,Your revision is much appreciated however,your essay is not well centred on the clear grounds as provided on the question sheet.Please note;1.You are only allowed to use Sources that David Nasaw has used.2.The essay should be,3-4 pages analysis of primary source used in DavidNasaw??s Children of the City3.Your subject is the source, NOT how children lived ?.4.Think about what you can, and can??t, know about childhood from your source.5.What does the source reveal about the history of childhood. Does itsupport Nasaw??s argument?6.State your thesis at the beginning of your paper.7.Provide CONCRETE examples to support your point.8.If you choose to analyse the picture you gotta do it alone if you choose toanalyse a primary source document it has to be a primary source documentalone there is no mixing of the two..9.Please again most importantly refer to the question sheet and followinstruction step by step ..

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