narrativeDid you like to study in Italy?

narrativeDid you like to study in Italy? In winter 2012, I had a chance to get away from Wayne state university campus and increase my credibility. We are 15 students went for study abroad in St. Johns international university in Italy. St. John International University is located in the Piedmont region of northern Italy, giving students access to the commerce, business and culture of the area. The SJIU campus was established in the Della Rovere Castle in Vinovo, outside the city center of Torino, and exposes students to the culture of local Italian life and the castles 16th beauty. Its a cost effective experience as the tuition included the apartment rent, transportation and admission to the museums and AMC. I had opportunity of community engagement to learn through immersion in the local culture. I noticed some of the differences between the Italian and American life style that I adopted for. First, I have idea about culture expectation, however, I as a American walks in the morning with smile on my face and say good morning for people I saw in street even if I dont know them while in the first week in Italy, I felt is unacceptable to the people that I dont know. Second, I never even think before that I can live in apartment without internet because we are as Americans can access internet everywhere in school, restaurant and by using the phones while in Italy, Italians dont rely on internet for communication as us. They have more relaxing life than us so I adapted very well to this new situation and enjoyed of being in school and my battery died and I dont have anxiety for recharging immediately because I did not have internet so no Skype, no face book and I have to rely on face to face communication. Finally, the first time we went to restaurant we thought like in American, after we ate, they would give us the check right away, however the Italian waitress would still serve you and would not give u the check until you asked them, Italians dont have busy life to rush for it like we so they are more enjoyed the life. So in addition to the practice Italian with natives in one of Italys greenest cities and I learned from native Italians faculty who are experts in the fields of language and science, the adaption allows for me to see the beautiful culture difference that I was struggles first but later I enjoyed the culture difference and give me a great deep look in that great culture.CLICK HERE TO GET MORE ON THIS PAPER !!!

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