Narration and description

This is a first person essay, where the focus is on two of the methods of development that we’ve studied thus far: narration and description. The goal of this assignement is for you to serve as a reporter, relaying a story or event from your point of view that effectively communicates a larger purpose for the reader. Your narrative must have a unique thesis, be it explicit or implied. That could be a lesson learned, a new insight, interesting way of examining an issue, a connection that isn’t obvious, etc. Choose a story to tell that lends itself to plenty of detail and description, but make sure that description is placed well. Don’t write about dead pets, dead people or deciding to go to college. Those tend to be default topics for those who have write’s block and often don’t make for engaging narratives. The story or event you are recounting should have occured one or more years in the past, because the benefit of time will allow you to be more reflective and objective in your writing. It must be written in first person point of view and must include narration and description. It must have a unique thesis. Consider why you’ve chosen this story to tell. What moral or an insight should the reader take away from this that isn’t an obvious lesson learned.

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