NAPLAN “ National Assessment Program ” Literacy and Numeracy

Assessment topic is NAPLAN “ National Assessment Program ” Literacy and Numeracy

You will need to:

(1) a) Identify the topic and briefly describe important features/characteristics of the topic. (at least 3) (approx 150 words)
b) Explain why a study of this topic is important for educators in your sector. (approx 200 words)
c) Identify the relevant stakeholders (students, teachers, parents, co-workers, employers…) and briefly explain, using relevant examples,
the importance of the topic to each group. (approx 150 words)

(2) Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the topic/issue with direct reference to the principles of quality assessment (validity, reliability, flexibility and authenticity). In doing so you should ensure that you briefly define each of the principles of quality assessment, include appropriate examples that demonstrate the relationship between the particular principle and the topic being discussed and use the literature to fully justify the relationship. (1000 approximately)

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