My unwritten letter

My unwritten letterMy unwritten letterINSTRUCTIONS: This challenge revolves around the theme of resolution. Please do not share yourletter in class, but instead, provide a reflection of your experience with this process.This reflection mustcontain 350-450 words and have sufficient detail.There must be a reference from the text (it can be fromany chapter) to receive the highest points.Dear Class,Many times we want to say something to someone we love, like, or just know well. For one reason oranother, whether it be anger, procrastination, or not finding the right words at the right time, we partways. As a result, those special feelings never seem to be resolved.Resolution through letter writing has been the theme of a great many books, plays and movies. In amovie made for television,Message to my Daughter, a young mother with a newborn baby discovers shehas terminal cancer. As a part of her resolution process, she records on several cassette tapes personalmessages to her daughter. Many father-son relationships also fall into this category, where men feel thattheir sons might never get to know them in their own lifetime. It is a common theme found in movies,plays and books, because, as the expression goes, Art imitates life.Perhaps because of the recent advances in technology, from the cellular telephone to the microchip, Americans are writing fewer and fewer personal letters. Sociologist worry that future generations will lookback at this time period, the high tech age, and never know what individuals were actually feeling andthinking because there will be few written records. Moreover, psychologists agree that many of today?spatients are troubled and unable to articulate their thoughts and feelings, thereby resulting in unresolvedstress.Source: Health and Wellness Journal Workbook by Brian Luke SeawardThe following are some suggestions that might inspire you to draft a letter to someone you have beenmeaning to write. Now is your chance.1. Compose a letter to someone you were close to who has passed away, or perhaps someone withwhom you have lost contact for a long period of time. Tell that person what you have been up to,perhaps any major changes in your life, or changes that you foresee in the months or years ahead. Ifthere are unresolved feelings towards this person, try expressing your thoughts and feelings inappropriately crated words so that you can resolve them and come to a lasting sense of peace.2. Write a letter to yourself. Imagine you have one month to live. What would you do in these last thirtydays? Assume that there are no limitations. Whom would you see? Where would you visit? Whatwould you do? Why?3. Pretend that you have a baby son or daughter. What would you like to share with your child now, incase, for some reason, you do not have the opportunity to do so later? What would you like yourchild to know about you? For example, perhaps you would share things that you wanted to knowabout your parents or grandparents, which now are missing pieces of your life.4. Write a letter to anyone you wish for whatever reason.Enjoy,Dave Caldwell.??.

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