My teacher gave me a question asking if

My teacher gave me a question asking if i agreed or disagreed that during the Second World War, there was no significant progress towards independence in India. My teacher expects me to give three reasons to why there was progress, and three reasons to why there wasnt. The whole essay will be worth 14 marks and I need help arranging it. This is what Ive got so far:Reasons why there was progress: Congress and the Muslim League knew the British needed them during the war yet decided not to join unless granted Independence, which the British had to agree to. Congress and the Muslim League agreed on very little, so Jinnah presented the Pakistan Resolution, proposing that the Muslim part of India secede into the separate state of Pakistan. Though this didnt take immediate action, it was another step closer to independence. Sir Stafford Cripps was sent by the British on The Cripps Mission, to see if a compromise could be reached so India would support British war effort. Again, the Muslim League rejected the plan as it did not involve anything related to Pakistan, which was their ultimate goal..Click here to have a similar paper done for you by one of our writers within the set deadline at a discounted

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