My final paper for this class will ask t

My final paper for this class will ask that I reflect on your internship in the field by finding outside academic literature to compare and contrast what I experienced. You will use ASA Citation Style. 100 points for final paper.Find 5 to 7 research studies ? from academic sources, not magazines or professional groups ? to include in your paper. (See examples in the 3 point challenge forum on Cougar Courses.)You will be writing this to my professor, but a copy also will be submitted to my internship site supervisor. In addition, think of ways that you could even make something more tangible and accessible to your clients.Organization of PaperUse this style of organization to format your content?I. IntroductionIn this section, give the reader a detailed understanding of your internship site(s) and the various roles you held in your site. This section is about a page or two.II. Research DiscussionHere you will combine research and your field-notes (journal) and other internship experiences to discuss your internship in a scholarly way. You have two choices in terms of an approach.Choice 1 ? Is the direction I want my paper to go in. Present each research study and then comment on it using evidence from your fieldnotes and experiences in your internship.CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS PAPER? PRICE?..Either way, it must engage in the ?real world? of my internship AND the academic research to support your journals. I encourage you to use subsections to organize each mini-discussion. This section is about 6 to 8 pages.Use the journals to help reflect on sections III AND IV:III. Public Sociology / Public CriminologyGiven what you have learned about public sociology and public criminology in our book for this class, propose a project that would fit your internship site and/or population. Be sure to include citations from Public Sociology?s case studies and other course material to help you discuss your project. This section is about two pages. TWO Books used in conjuction with uploaded file for case studies are1 ? Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle2 ? Public Sociology: Research, Action, and Change by Philip Nyden, Leslie Hossfeld and Gwendolyn NydenIV. ConclusionWhat is your take away? What have you learned from your internship site? From this class? What are your recommendations for improving the lives / clients that you served in your internship? Improvements for the laws, policies and practices that shape your internship site? Put it all together! You should still be citing course material here! This section is about one page.V. Sources CitedList the 5 to 7 academic sources in addition to the ones attached, using ASA citation style, used in this paper. Be sure to cite the course material as well, even the videos or websites you relied on in the paper. (Remember, think of someone outside of the class and even outside of the university reading this paper.) Make sure you have a complete sources cited listing!CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS PAPER? PRICE?..

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