My assignment is to list and explain Har

My assignment is to list and explain Harrisons six steps of decision making in a power point presentation. It needs to be 6-8 slides long and based off of the recommendation on which IT system to purchase and install in my fake company.. Harrisons six steps are:1. Set Objectives2. Search for alternatives through scanning the internal and external environment of the organization for information.3. Compare and evaluate the alternatives by formal and informal means.4. Practice the art of choice: the moment when a course of action is selected from a set of alternatives.5. Implement the decision when the choice is transformed from an abstraction into an operational reality.. 6. Follow up and control to ensure that the implemented decision results in an outcome in keeping with the objectives set in the first stage.Harrison, F.E. (1995) The managerial decision-making process. Boston: Houghton Miffin company.Im having trouble setting this up for the IT system. Any help would be appreciated to help me get going.

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