must be understood by now that Ive allowed my own imagination t o fill in the gaps in human development; but my observations and related imagination was based on

must be understood by now that Ive allowed my own imagination t o fill in the gaps in human development; but my observations and related imagination was based onartifacts and the learned opinions of anthropologists. However, it was necessary to establish a human pattern, the human footprint in organization,. resulting laws andstatutes, within an overarching governmental system. Rather than being a straightforward march toward ever-improving methods, the road toward effective and efficientdevelopment took detours, which are still ongoing today. Maslows hierarchy of human need and motivating factors that seems to indicate a unidirectional developmentpattern, is everything but.. What appears to have happened, is that each civilization, and its incorporation of hundreds of related sub-cultures, fashions itself,sometimes independent of how other civilizations and sub-cultures have fashioned their system of laws and statutes. As we found with Hammurabi and with Moses, deitieswere credited with having a role in their systems of laws and punishments. In a theocracy, the deity is the supreme law giver. In a civil system,. even if influenced bydeities, there is in place a civil body that makes laws and devises ways to enforce those laws. Moses served in a theocracy, while Hammurabi served in an autocracy. Inorder for either system to survive, each had to defend its way of life. Hammurabi and Moses would each fight many wars and make many alliances in order to preserveeach government, making survival an ongoing concern, even if other levels of Maslows hierarchy were achieved.ActivityFind Maslows hierarchy on your laptop, tablet, notebook, or smart phone. Draw the diagram and be prepared to discuss the importance of each level.. Having established the basis for law, and having described its ancient development, as pertains to future Western perceptions of law, we will go deeper into twoancientcivilizations that made substantial contributions to how we define and understand law. Enter the Greeks and the Romans. From a purely Western perspective, most of thephilosophical features of government and law come from the Greeks, while much of the administrative nature of government and law comes from the Romans.. The Greeks ofSocrates, Plato, and Aristotles time ruled by intelligence and then strength, while the Roman Caesars ruled by strength first, then intelligence, until bothcivilizations decayed, eventually failing to live up to the standards of their empires at their height. We will concern ourselves with those things that endured thetest of time and which became useful to us in our time.. Ancient Greek InfluenceAs people groups mingled and shared ideas, there emerged a common system of government and a similar form of law enforcement by region. Clan chieftains competed witheach other until super powerful leaders established themselves over cities and then city states. Power was either based on physical domination or superior intellect.. One civilization that refined both the warrior class and the philosopher class was ancient Greece. Civilizations that grew up along navigable rivers or near naturalseaports, or had the ability to safely travel overland developed much faster; however, ease of access posed its own threat. If a nation can travel away from home, thenother nations can visit uninvited. Greece was exposed along its long coast, and had to defend itself from those wishing to plunder. And yet there seemed to be more ofan advantage with increased trade then threats from rivals, because like Greece, other civilizations were composed not of entire regions, but of small city statewithin the region.. To conquer a city state did not necessarily mean that the entire region would be subjugated. The famous rivalry between Troy and the Achaeans is agood example of limited access. But if the chief city, because of which there would be protected trade and the establishment of regional law and order, should fall toa rival, the rest of the mostly unpopulated region would be overtaken. Competition around the Mediterranean became fierce, if cities wished to flex their militarymuscle. But during peaceful times, trade.

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