Musical Theater Paper

Musical Theater PaperPaper #4: Gender issues in musical theatre: Discuss the Madama Butterfly and MissSaigon (minimum 3 pages, double spaced) The paper should include, but is not restrictedto, the following questions:1. Originally, I had included these two shows under the heading of Race on Broadway.However, the discussion has centered more on the exploitation of women in the stories.Is this an important element in your perception of the stories?2. What other social issues do you think are addressed in these shows???.3. What are the primary differences between the characters if Kim and Butterfly? Givespecific examples from the shows.4. Between Ellen and Kate?5. Between Lieutenant Pinkerton and Chris?6. Can you give examples of Broadway shows today that are bringing women?s issues to thestage? How well do they serve their purpose???.

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