music report

There are 6 reports, each one should take about a page. You should mention musical stuff about a concert like the beats, rhythm, and you should also say your opinion if you liked the banned or the performer or not. Each concert report could be from a youtube recorded concert or a live concert. These videos(concerts) are the sources but should not be mentioned as sources. It is preferred if the concerts chosen were in a weekend and in Utah, Denver or Las Vegas. You should mention everything about the concert like the date, the band and the place it was held in.

here are the guidelines from the instructor:
The report will contain three sections: (1) Historical Context; (2) Objective Description; (3) Subjective Reaction.

Historical Context:
Complete this part of the assignment before you go to the concert. Write a paragraph about a history of the composers and the pieces they composed. You may use your textbook, The New Grove Dictionary of Music, or any other online sources you find. Next, identify the work in detail. Include a list of the movements, if applicable (these may appear as tempo markings such as allegro con brio, a title, such as Morning or the first line of a vocal work, such as Credo in unum Deum.) Also be sure to include the composer s dates, the year of the composition, and the opus number or some other identifier of the piece if it exists.
Objective Description:
A few key points to observe are: the name of the ensemble that performed the concert; the genre of the ensemble (chamber, orchestral, or solo); what the tempo is; the meter of various sections (triple or duple); if applicable, mention something about the soloist; the time period of the pieces (Baroque, Romantic, etc.). Also, comment on the orchestration, for example a symphony is strings with woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Note whether the music seems difficult or easy to play and include any particular or unusual things you notice about the pieces performed.
Overall Reaction:
The last part of your report should be dedicated to your reaction to the concert. Did you like the pieces? Did the performers do a good job? In the case of orchestral concerts, how did you perceive the relationship between the conductors and the players? Were the performers communicating with each other? Which piece did you like best/least? Did you like the hall the music was performed in? Did anything surprise you about the concert?

Your report should be 300-500 words typed. Except for identifying the piece and giving a brief historical context, do not refer to the program notes unless you find something in them particularly helpful and applicable “ then you may quote a sentence or two to make your own point. Carefully proofread your paper before submitting to check for typographical errors, misspellings, and errors of grammar, punctuation, or expression.

Sample Report:

The piece performed on the program was the Symphony No. 1 in C major, Op. 21 by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827). It has four movements:
I. Adagio molto “ Allegro con brio
II. Andante cantabile con moto
III. Menuetto: Allegro molto e vivace
IV. Adagio “ Allegro molto e vivace
The symphony was composed in Vienna in 1799-1800 when Beethoven was still a relatively young, unknown composer. Some people refer to the fact that it is modeled on the symphonies of Mozart and Haydn, both important composers to Beethoven because it is Classical (as opposed to Romantic) in nature. Beethoven was born in Bonn, but as a young man he moved to Vienna, the imperial capital. His childhood was difficult: his mother died when he was a relatively young man and he had an abusive alcoholic father. In Vienna Beethoven was known primarily as a virtuoso pianist when he first moved there, but with pieces like the First Symphony, he became better known as a composer. Later, Beethoven would go on to write much longer and more dramatic symphonies including the Eroica and the Fifth symphonies, both of which are credited with changing the course of music. He is considered one of the greatest composers in the history of music.
The piece begins very strangely. It stops and starts, and seems sort of random for about 30 seconds or so, but then settles in to a fairly fast-paced first movement. There are a lot of sudden louds and softs. The slow movement isn t really slow; it s sort of dancy and the oboe has many solo lines. The last movement also features a lot of sudden louds and softs. It is very fast. The violins are constantly playing a fast, rising scale that seems to be a main idea of the piece.
I thought the symphony was very enjoyable and interesting to listen to. It has a lot of light, sparkling melodies and quite a bit of drama. Compared to other pieces by Beethoven, I think it is one of the more energetic and interesting because it is less somber and plodding. I was surprised by the slow, kind of strange introduction to the last movement, but it made sense once it got going “ I think Beethoven was trying to surprise or shock people. I thought the second movement was kind of boring and repetitive. The wind players seemed really enthusiastic about their part, but I thought the strings played sloppy and looked bored. Maybe they ve played this piece too many times.
Overall, I enjoyed the concert, however I most liked the last movement of the piece. I found the conductors gyrations and bouncing around to be distracting. I got the feeling some members of the orchestra were ignoring him. I was interested in seeing how the players looked at each other and seemed to react to one another (sometimes more than to the conductors). The brass players (which to my surprise included a number of women) played very powerfully though sometimes “ especially in the first movement “ too loud. The lady behind me with the candy wrapper and older gentleman who occasionally snored were very annoying. It seemed like everyone knew when to applaud. Beethoven s Symphony No. 1 was a very nice concert to attend.

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