Music era analysis (Nu Metal)

Music era analysis (Nu Metal)START by giving a background information of the musical era and bands of the era (most notable bands are KORN, Limp Bizkit, Deftones and Slipknot).Select an album from the one of the genres / time period. Discuss the albums style and development and trace the musical influences heard within the album (influence musically from other bands as well as social influence to the bands movement). Support your views with appropriate references and quotes.You must include excerpt in the analysis essay and mentioned & referred to during the essay analysis. Just give links to youtube videos for the excerpts. The excerpts should be a different section from references. Example of this is:Excerpts1. Song 1 ( 1)2. Song 2 ( 2)3. etc.****** The excerpts must be included, referred to and used within the essay. Example of this is: As you can hear from the Song 1 (Excerpt 1), the music talks about a certain issue in society. In Song 2 (Excerpt 2) we can hear influences from bands of the past era. We can hear it in the 2nd minute of the song where the guitar is doing something just like the band of the previous era.*****The analytical essay requires you to demonstrate the depth and breadth your sense of historical perspective regarding the social, cultural, economic and political conditions that influenced the artists and the works that they produced. It is important that the key technical elements and aesthetic conditions be examined through the analysis.Ensure that you provide a clear and insightful overview of the selected period (or movement). It must be evident through the report that you have conducted research on the periods and the selected works (or artists). Other than reading on the topic this should also involve extensive examination of a variety of creative works. Ensure that you consistently use quotes and other materials to support the analysis.*****

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