Musculoskeletal MRI (MRI of muscles and crtilages)

Musculoskeletal MRI (MRI of muscles and crtilages)1.Discuss the emerging technique of using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to perform muscle fibre tracking.2. Discuss current and emerging MRI techniques used in the imaging of cartilage. Suggest a grading system that could be used to describe cartilage damage.-The introduction must be about the Musculoskeletal MRI not about the basic MRI.-The essay should be from musculoskeletal MRI perspective. No need to add the physics or mathematics behind the topics of the essay.Since they are very specific topics in the field, I will provide references that are with relevant information to the essay topics,Please follow them as following2 are useful for the first Q1 is useful for the current MRI techniques for cartilage (Q2)1 is useful for the emerging MRI technique for cartilage (Q2)1 is useful for the grading system (Q2)(if I can not upload them, please find them in google scholar, if you can not find them in google scholar please let me know so I can send you the PDF)Images must be included.??.

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