Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet) 1) How do you distinguish between the binge-eating/purging type of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, purging type? A) People with the bulimic type are normal weight, people with the anorexic type are under? weight. B) Altered eating and exercise habits result in missed periods in the bulimic type only. C) The bulimic type involves throwing up and the anorexic type involves fasting. D) The bulimic type results in more severe health consequences than the anorexic type. 2) Cindy is 5 ?8 tall and weighs 92 pounds. She is very concerned about her weight. However, at times she finds herself eating large amounts of food ? several boxes of cookies, gallons of ice cream, entire cakes ? all in an evening. Afterwards, she makes herself throw up. Cindy?s most likely diagnosis is A) anorexia nervosa, binge?eating/purging type. B) anorexia nervosa, restricting type. C) no disorder. D) bulimia nervosa, purging type. 3) Which ofthe following do those with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa have in common? A) restricted eating B) a need for control C) fear of being or becoming fat D) below normal weight 4) Elena binges on high calorie foods and then makes herself throw up. She feels terribly ashamed and distressed by what she does. You would predict A) she will not stop because her vomiting is reinforced by anxiety reduction. B) she will stop making herself throw up because she is ashamed and distressed. C) she will stop because her vomiting is being punished by the feelings of disgust and shame. D) she will not stop because she has become physiologically addicted to vomiting. 5) Binge-eating disorder A) is the eating disorder diagnosis most recently added to the DSM. B) is more common in males than in females. C) usually develops into anorexia, binge?eating/purging SUbtype. D) has not yet been formally recognized as a distinct clinical syndrome. 6) All of the following are reasons for the effectiveness of antidepressants in the treatment of bulimia nervosa EXCEPT A) improved mood. B) lessened preoccupation with physical appearance. C) decreased frequency of binges. D) decreased appetite. A)]Abnormal7) Our current knowledge of the efficacy of treating eating disorders A) suggests that hospitalization is most effective for long-term maintenance of treatment gains. B)is quite thorough because there are many controlled studies comparing long-term outcomes. e) suggests that cognitive-behavioral therapy is the treatment of choice. D) is much more detailed for anorexia nervosa than for bulimia nervosa. 8) Grehlin A) is a hormone that usually leads to decreased food intake. B) is a hormone that helps the body regain its set-point. e) is a hormone that is a promising new treatment for obesity. D) is a hormone that is an appetite stimulator. 9) Orlistat, which works by interfering with the absorption offat A) works very well for extreme obesity but not regular obesity. B)does not work well for obesity. e) works very well for obesity. D) results have been uncertain. 10) Helen is suspicious and doubts the loyalty of even her friends. She is unwilling to forgive perceived insults and never forgets a grudge. She is most likely to be diagnosed with ______ _ personality disorder. A) schizotypal B) schizoid C) paranoid D) histrionic 11) Luisa is a lively and emotional graduate student. She dresses provocatively and behaves in a very seductive manner with her male professors. She has had a long string of short-lived, stormy romances. Luisa is most likely to have a diagnosis of A) dependent personality disorder. B) narcissistic personality disorder. e) passive-aggressive personality disorder. D) histrionic personality disorder. 12)Which basic personality traits from the 5 factor model seem most important in the develop- ment of histrionic personality disorder? A) high neuroticism and low agreeableness B)low openness to feelings and high fantasy proneness e) high conscientiousness and low assertiveness D) high extraversion and high neuroticism B)Abnormal13)Which basic personality traits from the 5 factor model seem most important in the develop? ment of narcissistic personality disorder? A) low agreeableness and high fantasy proneness S) low excitement seeking and high neuroticism C) low fantasy proneness and high impulsivity D) high extraversion and high agreeableness 14) Hattie has a dependent personality disorder. This means that she A) has difficulty in initiating relationships. S) experiences little distress in her life. C) prefers being alone rather than being with people who might criticize her. D) has acute discomfort when she is alone. 15)What is the main difference between Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD)? A) People with OCPD don?t have true obsessions or compulsions like people with OCD have. S) People with OCPD are more conscientious about their rituals than people with OCD. C) People with OCD can do a compulsion once and feel better, people with OCPD never feel bet- ter no matter how many times they do them. D) none of the above 16) Which ofthe following statements about alcohol problems is accurate? A) Alcohol abuse is a pure disorder, with less than 5 percent of alcohol abusers having a coex- isting mental disorder. B) Although alcohol impairs motor behavior it does not lower performance on complex cognitive tasks. C) The lifetime prevalence for alcoholism in the United States is about 30 percent. D) The average life span of an alcoholic is 12 years shorter than the average citizen. 17)When John stopped drinking after his last week-long binge, he became very ill. He was disori? ented, hallucinating, and paranoid. John seems to be experiencing A) alcohol withdrawal delirium. S) alcohol amnestic disorder. C) alcohol-induced psychosis. D) a severe hangover. C)Abnormal18) Which of the following men has an alcohol?risk personality? A) Sean, who is impulsive, risk-taking, and poor at planning. B) Brian, who is organized, detail-oriented, and ambitious. C) Art, who is frequently depressed and has a low level of self-esteem. D) Tim, who is shy, anxious, and withdrawn. 19) Which of the following is a narcotic? A) marijuana S) heroin C) tobacco D) alcohol 20) Barbituate withdrawal A) are more dangerous and long?lasting than most drugs. B) is similar to withdrawal from cocaine and opium. C) causes psychological distress but no withdrawal symptoms. D) lasts for a short time but is very painful. 21) Which of the following is true? A) People tend to be envious of sexual nonconformists. B) People tend to believe their current sexual standards are correct and to be intolerant of non- conformists. C) Attitudes about what is sexuallynormal have stayed surprisingly the same over time. D) Attitudes about what is sexually normal are extremely consistent across cultures. 22)Gary finds himself sexually aroused by dressing in women?s clothing. He sometimes steals the clothes from women and from stores. He has a wife and is happy in his marriage. Gary?s most likely diagnosis is A) gender identity disorder. S) exhibitionism. C) transvestic fetishism. D) fetishism. D)23) The most common theory about voyeurs is A) they become classically conditioned to respond in a stronger way to the female body than most males. B) they were exposed to excess male hormones during prenatal development. C) with the advent of more sexually explicit movies and magazines, voyeurism is quickly becom- ing extinct. 0) they have difficulty related to women and find peeping satisfies needs in a way that feels safe and powerful. 1) According to OSM?IV-TR, the two components of gender identity disorder are cross-gender identification and ______ _ A) gender role disorder B) a history of childhood gender identity disorder C) gender dysphoria 0) transvestic fetishism 25) Most female transsexuals A) have always felt that they should be male. B) want to be homosexual men. C) did not have gender identity disorder as children. 0) have a paraphilia in wh

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