Multicultural Management/Business Ethics

Multicultural Management/Business EthicsNB: Some of the examples and research I use for this course comes from the work of Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner experts in the field of cultural management and have authored many books on understanding diversity in global business, including Riding the Waves of Culture. And, a reference book I purchased on a trip to Beijing, China in 2005 A short course in International Business Culture published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press. In addition, I have received permission to post material from the pocket book Passport USA: Your pocket guide to American Business, Customs & Etiquette published by World Trade Press.Question 1: Please focus on the two countries below to answer these questions:ú Pakistanú USAUsing the Hofstede Model outlined in your text( International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures Author: Helen Deresky Publisher: Pearson Prentice HallEdition: 5th Edition/2006) and on the website: discuss the four questions below in relation to your above twp chosen countries.1.In which countries should managers find a participative approach to management most effective? In which countries would such an approach be less effective and why?2.In which countries would you expect to find a greater emphasis on training and developing the workforce/why?3.In which countries would you expect supervisors to provide specific instructions to their employees/why?4.In which countries would teamwork be an effective management practice/why? Which countries do you think would have the greatest difficulty implementing a team approach/why? Provide examples when possible.Question 2.Discuss the types of operational conflicts that could occur in an international context because of the differences in attitudes toward time, change, material factors and individualism. Give examples relative to any specific countries?such as:ú Franceú Great Britainú Guatemalaú Israelú Jamaicaú Japanú Mexicoú Pakistanú Swedenú USA.

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