MS Access Assignment / Essay on The Broadway Café

You have recently inherited your grandfather s coffee shop, The Broadway Café, which is conveniently located in downtown Auckland. The café offers many different kinds of specialised coffees, teas, a full service bakery and homemade sandwiches, soups, and salads. Your grandfather first opened The Broadway Café in 1952 and it was a local hotspot for many years.
Unfortunately, business has been steadily declining over the last five years. Although your grandfather was an expert at running the coffee shop, it is outdated. There are no computers in the store and all ordering takes place manually. Your grandfather had a terrific memory and knew all of his customers by name, but unfortunately, none of this information is located anywhere in the store. The family recipes for the baked goods and soups are also stored in your grandfather s memory. Inventory is tracked in a note pad, along with employee payroll, and marketing coupons. The café does not have a website, uses very little marketing except word-of-mouth and essentially still operates the same as it did in 1952.

4. You understand that database technology is better equipped than spreadsheet applications to improve your ability to analyse information. Furthermore, you have a great deal of data available to turn into information to help you set the strategic direction for the café. However, your systems are not integrated and the quality of the data within the above disparate systems is low, so you cannot determine vital information such as which customers are ordering coffee and not food or music and not coffee. For example, the three details that a customer ordered four cappuccinos, three CDs and two coffee-of-the-month gift coupons, are discrete facts housed in separate systems. So you plan to build a small database for The Broadway Café to help you track and analyse customer orders and sales information.

a. Identify five different types of entities, attributes, keys and relationships in each entity you will want to consider when designing the database for The Broadway Café. [submit the answer in writing along with your answers in other questions]

b. From the five entities from 4a, create three tables in MS Access with appropriate fields, primary keys and relationships among the three tables. Populate each table with at least five rows of data.

c. Create a data entry form for one of the tables in MS Access
[For 4b and 4c, submit your answers as Access files]

? Identified entities and their attributes
? Identified primary and foreign keys
? Illustrated relationship among entities
? Created three tables with sample data in MS
? Created a data entry form for one of the tables

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