Mr Adam Jones is a 45 year old man who i

Mr Adam Jones is a 45 year old man who is admitted into your ward after being transferred from the emergency department. He has a week long history of fatigue, headache, poor appetite, thirst and increasing frequency in urination. Mr Jones also has a past medical history of hypertension in which he was diagnosed 5 years ago and manages with medication.His weight is 105kg and his height is 165cm. Admission observations are: Temperature: 38.8?? Celsius Heart Rate (HR): 125 bpm Respiration Rate (RR): 21 rpm Blood Pressure (BP): 158/85 mmHg Oxygen saturations (SaO2) 94% on room air A urine analysis (UA) was undertaken and shows a large amount of Glucose, a trace of Albumin, no ketones and a specific gravity (SG) of 1.016 Blood Glucose Levels (BGL) are 23.4mmol/LThe medical officer (MO) reviews Mr Jones, obtains bloodsFOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE TOPIC VISIT

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