MPAC 7126 Public BudgetingColumbus Budge

MPAC 7126 Public BudgetingColumbus Budget ExercisePut aside David Nice for a few days and turn your attention to the Columbus Consolidated Government FY14 Budget that I asked you to peruse last week. Specifically, read and consider the Mayors Budget Message, the City Managers Budget Message and the Financial Summaries of the Citys budget (B1-51). To assist you, the budget document includes a section on Policies and Procedures and a section on Budget Preparation Schedule. To assist you in locating the budget, follow this path:1. www.columbusga.org2. click Departments3. click Finance4. click Budget Documents5. click FY14 Recommended Budget BookAfter reading and considering the document, respond in brief essay form (each response should not exceed 300 words) to the following questions. Please submit to the Dropbox feature on the courses CougarView site. Take care to write in the form of a graduate student tight, concise sentences, no superfluous words, topic sentences and appropriate punctuation. Grading will take into account the content of your responses as well as the technical elements of writing. 1. Identify the key messages the Mayor attempts to transmit to the citizens of Columbus regarding the coming fiscal year?2. Identify the challenges the City Manager thinks will impact Columbus in the coming fiscal year?3. After reviewing the expected revenues, identify at least three that you think are exceptional.4. Reconcile the City Managers Budget Message with the proposed expenditures, i.e., where he identified a need in the Message, where does it show up in the budget?5. Select a line item in the Financial Summaries (B1-51) that interests you and comment on it. CLICK HERE TO GET MORE ON THIS PAPER !!!CLICK HERE TO ORDER THIS PAPER AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE

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