Move yourself: The Cooper Clinic Medical Directors guide

Move yourself: The Cooper Clinic Medical Directors guideMove Yourself ? Tedd Mitchell, et al. Mitchell, T., Church, T. & Zucker, M. (2008).Move yourself: The Cooper Clinic Medical Directors guide to all the healing benefits of exercise (even a little!). New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.? Include the book itself and at least one external source.? Put references in alphabetical order by authors name.? Use APA format.Part I: Book(max 6 points)State which book you chose, and discuss why you chose it.Include specific references to book title, description, authors,or particular t experiences of yours that prompted you to selectthe book.Part II:Two Topics of Interest(max 40 points)Write two separate paragraphs describing topics or pieces ofinformation that made the greatest impression on you. Discusswhy, and indicate the page(s) of the book on which theinformation appears.Part III:(max 40 points)Provide examples from an external source that eithercorroborate or contradict the information or stance taken bythe author of the book on one of your topics of interest.Part IV: PracticeApplication(max 6 points)Explain why and how the information you gained from thereading of this book will or will not affect your personal actionsor your professional practiceClick Here To Get More on This Topic

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