MotivationsCompare and contrast the moti

MotivationsCompare and contrast the motivations of different customer segments for one (or more) of our clients. Having identified core motivations consider what are the associated benefits that consumers seek and recommend how our client can make use of these to mDetails:Final Assignment Essay Brief.You are a new employee in a marketing consultancy that works with a number of clients including: Asda and Waitrose, VW Golf and Skoda Octavia, Hermes and H&M, Old Spice and Chanels Coco Mademoiselle, Compare the Market and Tesco Home Insurance, Argos and Amazon, Lush and Dove, Innocent and Twinings, Adidas and Converse). During your interview they were impressed by your theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of consumer behaviour. They are creating a series of informative papers for their clients. You have been asked to write two of these. Since your audience will be hands on marketing managers you need to provide practical examples to illustrate key points of interest. It is important that your essay papers apply the theoretical consumer behaviour concepts to the real world to improve the clients marketing. e.g. through the creation of value, improved product / service design, better communication, pricing, distribution, customer service, processes etc. It is important to ensure your work is well-presented and well-referenced. Please use Harvard Referencing. Make any realistic assumptions that will help you to complete your answers, but make clear any assumptions that you are making..

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