Motivation as a key factor in promoting change

Motivation as a key factor in promoting change1.)Motivation, without question, is a key factor in promoting change. This is especially true when individuals want to make lifestyle changes (i.e. quitting smoking, losing weight, etc.)..Another point to consider is that one needs to have a realistic plan in order to successful navigate the change process. Many people have the motivation, but it quickly disappears when they do not obtain the quick results that they expect. Having realistic expectations is also important, but a gradual plan is also vital.How would you help someone gradually accomplish a goal of: weight loss, quitting smoking, reducing drinking, or increasing exercise?.2.)What are your thoughts on how to slowly rebuild ones self-esteem?3)Working with clients who are court ordered to participate in treatment is one of the challenging aspects of working in the human services. These are people that are essentially forced to attend counseling, for example, and often present as though they do not have any issues and do not need to be there..I have had a couple of successes with clients like this. One individual was in therapy due to physical abuse of her son and initially she was resistant to being in treatment, but over time she began to see the benefit of our time together. At the end of therapy she was even disappointed that it was over because she looked forward to coming and working on herself.How does a counselor demonstrate to a court ordered client that it is to their benefit to participate in treatment?4.)It is interesting that you mention the group format because when I worked with a forensic psychology practice this was a main form of treatment. We provided anger management groups, substance abuse, parenting, and sex offender treatment groups..The anger management group was a unique one in that almost all of the clients were court ordered to participate. Group therapy is often an effective treatment option because everyone in the group has a similar experience and they can learn from each other. However, this group proved to be pretty challenging because most of the group members were in strong denial of their issues so it made it difficult to move forward.The beauty of group therapy is that the group dynamics can quickly change with the addition or deletion of a group member..

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