Morphological differences occurring within the Canary Islands from

Morphological differences occurring within the Canary Islands from measuring scalation and body dimensions in the inhabiting lizard C. sexlineatus??.The research project?s instructions:To help you write your report look at the scientific papers you have read for the literature review to guide you in the overall style of writing and presentation of data etc.??.1. The project report should be written as a scientific paper (journal). Your supervisor is there to advise you if you are uncertain. (Key sections from the American Society of Agronomy?s Style Guide are reproduced below).2. The report?s text (excluding the abstract, captions and reference list) should not exceed 4000 words.3. Start your first page as in a published paper ? Title, your name, programme, person number, and then continue with the Abstract, before starting the actual report.??.4. Preferred font ? Arial5. Font size ? 10 point for main text. References may be in 9 point.6. Use single line spacing, but leave 6pt spacing between paragraphs. Use Format, Paragraph, Spacing before to set this up.7. All pages must be numbered.8. The report should start with an informative abstract of 150-200 words summarising the report.9. Use headings and sub-headings to make your report easier to follow, though don?t get carried away.??.10. Figures and tables must be numbered consecutively (Figure 1, Table 1 etc., with captions, and referred to in the text).11. References should be cited in text as per Keyskills guidelines, and an alphabetical list of cited references provided at the end of the report.12. Appendices should not normally be required. In certain circumstances your supervisor may suggest the submission of supplemental material on CD-ROM. The actual report should contain the basic data in tabular format?Referencing Requirements:??.Richard P. Brown* and Roger S. Thorpe (1991)Journal of Evolutionary Biology Vol.4: 557-574 = Within-island microgeographic variation in the colour pattern of the skink, Chaicides sexlineatus:Pattern and causeLomolino M. (2005)Body size evolution in insularvertebrates: generality of the island rule. Journal of Biogeography Vol.32:1683?1699M. Baez? and R. P. Brown (1997).Testing multivariate patterns of within-island differentiation in Podarcis dugesii from Madeira. Journal of evolutionary biology Vol.10 (1997) 575-587??.

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